VAT to be paid upon receipt of the package

What are we talking about?

Since July 2021 all European countries claim VAT on the value of products we ship from Tahiti.


The exemption that used to be no longer exists: you will therefore have to pay VAT on the value of the products you order if the delivery address is in a European country.

It is the carrier who will deliver the package to you that will claim the taxes.

How much ?

The VAT rate is different depending on the European countries. You must choose a delivery address so that we can calculate the VAT you will have to pay directly.

The amount of VAT you will have to pay is indicated before validating your order, under the total amount to be paid to TahitiPack.

Depending on the carrier the VAT amount may be increased by various fees.

As an example, in France, the carrier that takes care of our packages is La Poste: if you pay online on La Poste's website, you will be charged 2€ fees, in addition to the VAT. If you pay at the delivery of the package, the fees will be 8€.

How can you help us?

We invite all of our European customers to let us know which carrier picks up our packages in their country, the charges they incur, and the possible online site to pay this VAT.

Although Tahiti and French Polynesia are an integral part of the European territory of France, we cannot charge VAT on your order! It is likely that our tiny territory was forgotten when the decisions were made, as we cannot benefit from the facilities offered, except to have very significant costs that would be reflected in our prices.

So we preferred to keep our prices competitive, hoping that this regulation will change soon to allow us to charge VAT while placing your order.

To conclude

We apologize for the inconvenience caused, and hope to count among our customers a European Commissioner who will be able to integrate Tahiti and French Polynesia among the countries approved to collect VAT directly at source.