Necklace of seashells

In stock 3.50 €

Real lucky charm, the necklace of shells evokes the return to “fenua” in a relatively close futu

Flag of French Polynesia - Pennant

[21x14 cm / 0.69x0.46 ft]

In stock 4.20 €

The official frag

Braided Headband - Vegetable Fibers

In stock 4.50 €

Accessory for short or long hair

Hair clip : Tiare Flower - Small size

[5 cm]

In stock 4.80 €

Hair clip : Tiare flower

Hibiscus flower

Out of stock 5.50 €

Ornamental flower : red hibiscus

Hair clip : Tiare Flower - Big Size

[8.5 cm]

In stock 6.80 €

Hair clip : Tiare flower

Polished Mother-of-pearl (8-9 cm)

[8-9 cm]

The last one in stock 8.50 €

An object of refined decoration

Gulf Balls - Tahiti

In stock 9.00 €

Set of 3 balls in the effigy of Tahiti and her islands

Polished Mother-of-pearl (9-11 cm)

[9-11 cm]

In stock 10.00 €

An object of refined decoration

Flowers Cap


Out of stock 12.50 €

A tropical cap mixed gender

Flag of French Polynesia - Big Size

[150x90 cm / 4.92x2.95 ft]

In stock 12.75 €

The official frag

Cup engraved in Mother of pearl - Fish

In stock 14.00 €

A useful and refined decoration object

Pareo Buckle in mother-of-pearl

In stock 15.00 €

To tie a sarong, hide the knot with a nice buckle

Hinano Cap - Vetea


Out of stock 28.00 €

A cap with a vahine from Tahiti

BEACH Box Vahine 25%

BEACH Box Vahine

Out of stock 91.07 € 68.30 €

The perfect beach kit : for Girls


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Hinano Mug25%

Hinano Mug

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Hinano Coffee cup25%

Hinano Coffee cup

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